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 HAPPY BATH is prepared by Dr. Amchi Kunga according to the uncommon ancient methods of traditional Tibetan medicine. It is an extraordinary medicinal therapy for deep relaxation to soothe and cleanse the body and mind.


Benefits: insomnia, body tension, tremors, occurrences of chaotic dreams, restlessness, anxiety, depression, weak kidneys, unbalanced hormones, stress and pain from nervous disorders. 


Ingredients: Dr. Amchi Kunga’s medicinal herbal bath consists of a blend of 100% pure natural Himalayan herbs and minerals selected for their therapeutic qualities: Juniper leaf, rhododendron, fern meds, evergreen grass, agar, cinnamon, neem, bamboo pith (bamusa textilis), cardamom black (amomum subulatum costatum), cardamom green (elettaria cardamomum), clove (syzygium aromaticum), saffron (myristica fragrans).


Usage: Simply add 1 herbal pouch to your bathwater ande soak for 20 minutes to experience a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. For best results, boil 1 herbal pouch for 3 minutes and add to your bathwater, or open the pouch to release all herbs into your bathwater (some clean up is required afterwards). Let the ancient wisdom of Tibetan medicine bring tranquility and healing to your holistic bathing experience. 


Contents: 15 pouches (for 15 happy baths) 

Happy Bath by Amchi Kunga

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  • For health and safety, we cannot accept exchanges or refunds on our herbal supplements. All sales are final.

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