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The great Himalayan mountain range Lapchi Gangra is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage that is a sacred place that Yogi Milarepa lived and gained enlightenment from. Our Lapcha Healing Tea is especially prepared from 38 different herbs for the cold and wet seasons when the biochemical humors in the body called wind and phlegm are dominant. Drinking a cup of this herbal tea will bring warmness and protection from wind/phlegm disorders, restore balance of the psycho-physiological energies of the body. Health through balance is the ancient Tibetan philosophy of medicine. 


Benefits of this tea are: relaxation and mental calmness, clears up sense organs, restores appetite, prevents cold flu and contagious diseases, clears up hoarseness of voice, quench thirst, effective for gastric disorders, relieves kidney disorders, relieve nerve disease, increase vital blood, effective against all hepatitis disorders (jaunice, liver). Contains 38 different natural herbs . Our rhododendron tea leaf variety is very rare, and is especially hand picked from the Lapchi Gangra region in high altitudes and has special healing properties (it does not contain any of the Nepal national flower rhododendron variety, which is completely different). 


1 box of Lapchi Healing Tea.

Lapchi Healing Tea for winter

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